Thursday Broomball - Lake Nokomis #2 - LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!
(ULTRA, Captain: Joe Ziegenfuss)

Recap (from Joe)
Jan. 2
Mother Nature
Mpls. Park & Rec.
Darn heat wave. Our game this week has been canceled due to the rink not being ready due to the warm weather.
Jan. 9
Goose Poop
(Good Guys)
Joey Z.
Great game last night. For those of you that were not there we got a 2-1 come from behind victory. As it was the first game ever for four of our players I thought we did really well. We were rough on some of the rules and policies, but that made it all the better. The other team (who if you noticed all had 2 or 3 sticks, so you know they were veterans) were not too happy to lose to us so that was good. Special thanks to super subs, Scott D., who keep us in the game with some big time saves, and Ian G., who sparked the offense with the game winning goal.
Jan. 16
Mongoose (the arch-nemesis of the Cobra)
(Good Guys)
Jamie (COBRA!)
A great game as we finally had the full team present. This is what I envisioned when this team was a twinkle in my eye last winter. We had 4 true rookies on the ice (1st game ever) and 4 guys who now have 2 games under their collective belts. All 8 of whom are undefeated lifetime! Rookies Zach and Todd showed they know a thing or two about working with 'ice and sponge' and hooked up for many excited plays. First gamer Ian stepped right up in an important defensive roll and proved that tall guys can play in this league. The controversial Cobra (Jamie) proved to be worth his contract disputes from the previous week and had a stellar game between the pipes as he recorded his first (of many?) shutout. Charlie proved to have the hustle in his bustle and was fore-checking all over the place. Eventually Ultra found the net, with Ben slotting the ball back to the cagey vet Bill who sent the ball home. The whole team hunkered down and held on to the victory.
Jan. 23
Broom Horses
Mr. (Ben) Jones

Team Ultra officially arrives on Mpls. broomball scene!

Ultra had their "unofficial 'official' " coming out party Thursday as they proved to the league they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Ultra got on the board quickly with a goal by Mr. Cocky Jos C. in the first minutes of the game followed 'by' a scoop goal by 'New Kid' Todd W. The floodgates were officially opened and Ultra dominated the half with nearly everyone getting in the scoring mix. Man of the Match Ben Jones had a hat trick in a 5 minute period. By halftime it was 8-0 and Cobra and Zach were break dancing on the ice. The second half was closer as Ultra had people rotating through positions and trying new things. Cobra's shutout was denied as the opponents scored, but he remains the most confident player in the league. The final was 11-1 and there was much rejoicing. Quote of the night goes to the ref - "No riding your broom like a horse"

Jan. 25
Slick Ice
(Bad Guys)
Todd (Cobra Jr.)
Ultra receives dose of reality, lands back on hard snow.

Ultra took its first lump as a broomball team by losing 4-3 on Saturday. Things started badly early as the team was not organized, missing key players and scrambling to get used to it's first game with a coating of snow. We learned (although a little too late) just how slippery it is and how important positioning can be. After giving up 3 quick goals in the first half, then one more in the second, Ultra responded with newfound vengeance. Cobra Jr. (Todd W) kept the lads in the match with many big time saves. Runner up M of the M Beau K. started it off by putting away a long distance shot. Then all around star Ben J. and Joe Z. hooked up for a give and go to get the second goal. Ben J the third goal shortly thereafter and the comeback was nearly complete. But it was too little to late, and despite hard fore-checking (Chuck C) up to the final whistle, it was not to be. Kudos to Cobra Jr. for winning a well deserved Man of the Match.

Jan. 30
You Will Never Believe How Close The Score Is Going To Be
(Good Guys)
Ultra finishes regular season with solid win, boys itching for more.

Just as it seemed like the season was getting rolling it has finished, and Ultra now prepares for city playoffs. The team came out like a house of fire Thursday, getting an early goal by Ben J and then another quickly by Joe Z. The teams settled in and played some rough bball. Jos showed up, (class cancelled), and decided to wear a hand towel on his head. This was another great team effort, with everyone playing hard and fighting for every loose ball. Star defenders Pat (spleen) and Ian (too many injuries to mention) took some hits but kept on ticking. The tall twins (Beau and Todd) really started to hone their game, firing powerful shots and passing with precession. Billy Boy returned from 'a trip to Tijuana' and provided stability in back. Charlie and Ben both hit posts twice and kept the dream alive. Cobra came up with some big time saves in the middle of the game. Man of the Match winner Ben J (with hon. mention to Bill, Charlie, Ian, Cobra) finally found the net again midway through the second half. Ultra then proceeded to limp to the end of the game, giving up two soft goals in the last few minutes. The primadona Cobra says it is all part of his master plan. Look for this team to surprise some people in playoffs.

Quote of the game (this one was easy) - by member of opponents, to Jamie - "Gee, goalie, what do you have a horseshoe up your ass?"

Feb. 10
Swollen Faces (& Injured Groins)
1-5 (Bad Guys)
"Black-Eye" Bill Nielsen
Ultra gets dose of big city tournament talent, ends season and rebuilds for next year.

Ultra ended their season in the city playoffs today by losing to Grumpy's 5-1. It was a rough night for the boys, giving up goals and getting penalties early. The ice conditions were again vastly different than the home rink of Nokomis, but the veteran opponents knew how to play and had the better night. Highlights were few and far between, but Pat did put away our one goal nicely, after a nice play from Jos and Charlie. The gritty, injured Bill did well to get a guy clean in the face, and for that (and for his lifetime accomplishments) we award him man of the match. Charlie found a new friend in the ref, who told him "I really do like you" while Charlie was screaming at him from the penalty box. But hey, it was the ref's time. Overall Ultra's first campaign was a successful one, and with 8 of 11 players stepping on to the broomball rink for the first time ever we couldn't have asked for more. The only thing left to say - "ULTRA IN 04"

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4955 Nokomis Pky W
Minneapolis, MN, 55417