Thursday Broomball 2007 - Lake Nokomis #2
(ULTRA, Captain: Pat Sukhum)

How'd we do?
Jan. 4
Cardinal White
Canceled due to an unfrozen lake.
Jan. 11

Canceled again.

Joel's thoughts on the matter - You know, I think I’ve had it with this global warming crap. Everyone is always talking about the Polar Bears, “oh those poor Polar Bears starving and losing their habitat due to global warming.” What about the broomball players? We’re starving and losing our habitat here. Can’t they put us on an endangered species list? Maybe we could then get funding for a multimillion dollar indoor skating rink complex.

Jan. 18
It may have been so ultra slick (all puns intended), that Billy referred to it like running on a treadmill (darn Thursday snow flurries), but ULTRA came out with a full squad and some big play in the first match of the season (and, at least it was nice to finally start playing). We outhustled our subless opponents giving up only a handful of shots while peppering their goalies throughout the game. A number of pretty goals on beautiful feeds and hustle goals around the net were scored by John, Joel, Craig, Todd, and Billy. Sure is nice to be undefeated. Let's keep it up!
Jan. 25
Brothers Keeper
Finally some good ice, and ULTRA took advantage of it with good speed and strong runs at our opponents net. Toddy was huge (literally?) as our opponents came our firing quality shot after shot. Todd stopped them all keeping us in a game that could have quickly changed direction (note, the only goal Todd "gave-up" came on a poor no-goal call [that was called a goal]... boo!). Game was closer than the score with us pulling out three big scores in the last quarter of the match. Too big outside blast goals from super sub Tom bookended, a nice flip goal from John and a good finish by Brad on a run by Pat E. with Butch catching crossbar in the middle. Excellent work ULTRA! Now all we need to do is wash all that red crap off our pants.
Feb. 1
Sals Bar
I think John had rush for a goal, Dan has an outside blast for a goal, and Joel swept one that crept its way in for a score. Even though we had a number of chances to steal a victory, we were pretty fortunate to get a tie in a game that was controlled by our opponents.
Feb. 3
11:00 am

Make-up game from Jan. 11. On the flip side, we lost a game that we completely controlled. We had the ball in their zone most of the game, but couldn't find the back of the net. Joel got first half goal, but that's all the scoring we could muster. We couldn't finish and hit a number of posts. Our opponents got a two late goals on a couple of breakaways. Bummer. -12 degrees (-32 wind chill) at game time. Nice.

Feb. 8
Cardinal White
Rock & Roll indeed (see photo above)! Highlights from the night include everyone taking a turn in goal, me showing-up an hour early for the game, a bargain half-basket of fries, and goals by Todd, Pat, and two each by Craig and Dan. Good strong finish to the season. ULTRA!!!