Thursday Broomball 2008 - McRae #2

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How'd we do?
Jan. 3
Mac's Industrial Bar
Hi, I'm Dylan. I'm Matt. I think there was also a Reed, maybe a John... a Josh? A first week of new faces and getting used to each other (Greg, sorry for not saying hi in the warming hut... I didn't know we were teammates). We gave up our first goal about ten seconds into the game on their first shot, but were able to fight back to 1-1 halftime tie on a sweet goal by Craig (our sub) on a nice feed from John. We couldn't holdup in the second half and gave up a couple more. Course, Tom did get a goal (uh hum). Not a bad first outing for this very new team. Definitely more to come!
Jan. 10
We spent the day scrambling to put a team together, but hit the ice ready to roll. We had a lot of goalie rotations by a lot of folks, which I think is a good thing. And, unlike our opponents in red, didn't spend the entire game yelling at each other. Winning sure is fun.
Jan. 17
Cardinal Bar - White
We're definitely gelling and getting better week to week. Lots of goals including a couple of the quickest goals off of face offs I've ever seen. I think Peter notched his first broomball goal ever too (and maybe some others). Now, if we could just get that goalie helmet on a bit faster. Let's keep it rolling!
Jan. 24
Moor's Bait & Tackle
Well, I was a bit out of it and late, so I don't have much to report. From what I saw, we looked good and controlled much of the game. Oh, and it was cold and slippery. And, I hear Reed got us in the tournament. Cool.
Jan. 31
Well, our little winning run came to an end. We ran into a team that's obviously played together for some time (and brought some sweet windmills). We had the early 1-0 lead on a goal from Dylan, ran hard and fast, and played them tough, but wasn't used to a opponent of that caliber. Oh well. Off to the playoffs!
Feb . 14
(Bryn Mawr)
Tougher than Death

TOURNAMENT (bracket).

(from Reed) First game was a lot of fun, the other team were fun guys, but i think they only had 1 sub. The ref wasn't completely sure about the rules, but he didn't ruin it for us. We dominated the game, except for when we decided to pass it right to the other team for break aways. I really don't know what the final score was...maybe 3-1 or 6-1 or something...somewhere between there.

Second game, we were ducking for cover...and Dylan was forced to duck for cover after blocking a shot with his nads...what aim! Was funny watching him crouch over and try to climb over the boards...he had to ice himself like he warned us when the schedule was first emailed out, but it wasn't from Sarah kickin him in his junk.
Their first goal was scored when they should have been offsides, the ref was absolutely clueless, he didn't call it offsides and they scored. They continued to be the agressors, but we had our fair share of opportunities. One of their guys was really good, and really tall, so he dribbled around our whole team on 2 occasions to score. I don't remember the 3rd goal, but they won 3-0 i think. They were the better team, but the ref certainly didn't help at all. he called us for interference, and the other team did the exact same thing but he didn't call it. Then with like 5 minutes left, he waived off icing on them for no apparent reason, it would have helped us to keep the ball in their end, but the ref didn't want to be there anymore or something. Another offsides was missed when their guy was at least 30 feet in the zone...we did get to the ball, but it was a mystery why it wasn't called. man, horrible ref. The other team was nice though, and very good stickhandlers with amazingly hard shots.

Fun stuff though. oh, and Brad was awesome in goal, if you mention one thing, it should be that he was stellar, and Dan played his fair share and helped out a ton as well.