Saturday Soccer - CSSC Sports
(Pagliacci, Captain: Eric Mellum, JCC Field)

CSC Weather Line: 612-929-9009 x3

How'd we do?
May 4
JCC Field
Congratulations on starting the outdoor season with avictory! We won 3-1 and really played pretty well. Way to go, Clowns!
May 11
Bossen Park
Well we lost this past weekend 1-4, but it was CLEARLY due to the rain, and not a reflection of our skills. Part of the transition from indoor that we must not have mastered yet. Oh well! :)
May 18
Bossen Park
Congratulations on a great game and a 3-0 victory this past weekend! Way to go, Pagliacci!
June 1
JCC Field
Well we lost a heartbreaker last weekend 1-0, but more importantly, our jerseys made their debut!
June 8
Bossen Park
Congratulations on another victory - we won 1-0, thanks in part to some great defense, a shutout performance from Mr. White in goal, and an extremely well-placed knuckleball shot from Mr. Askloff. Way to go, Clowns! We are now 3-2 overall, with our only two losses coming from the only two 5-0 teams in our league, and they were close games. Pretty respectable! Pagliacci rocks! :)
June 15
JCC Field
Well we lost this past weekend 2-0. We played a good game, but they had two well-earned goals and we sort of didn't. Apparently we have to score more than they do to win (some obscure rule). Oh well.
June 22
JCC Field
Congratulations on our victory this past weekend 2-1! We are now officially in the playoffs! Woo hoo!
June 29
Bossen Field
Playoffs.Well we lost 0-2 this past weekend. But I must say, we played pretty well, especially considering we were shorthanded for much of the game, and were without several of our usual players. I'm sure that we'll have the intimidation advantage for future games, now that Brazil (who copied our uniforms) won the World Cup!
July 13
Bossen Field
BONUS PLAY. We tied our last game of this season last Saturday 0-0, playing a very good game, but we just couldn't quite score. All in all we finished a respectable 4-4-1. Not too shabby!

*Directions to Bossen Field *
The field is at E 56th St At 28th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417, near the airport. Take the Crosstown (Hwy 62) to the 28th Ave S exit. Go north, and you'll see the field on your right.

* Directions to JCC Field *
The field is at 4430 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, MN, 55416-3744. Take Hwy 100 to the Cedar Lake Rd exit, then follow signs to Cedar Lake Rd going east. Pass the Dead End signs until you reach the Jewish Community Center. The field is behind the building.