Monday Evening Softball - Roseville Park & Rec.
(Hoggsbreath Seeds, Captain: Craig Schlichting,
Weatherline - 651-792-7416)

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Aug 17
4 & 4
Brown Chicken, Brown Cow & Flahertys

Lethargic start to the season, but we were still able to eek out two wins against a couple of fairly strong teams. We were even a bit unenergetic shaking hands with our opponents after the games (course, at least we still did it!). Keith hit some bombs (especially for the wind), Jeff basketed one by the fence and Dar saved his own forehead by snagging a line shot milliseconds before contact. We'll work on our energy this week and come out firing from here on out. Yup, that's all I got.

Aug 24
1 & 1
Ligers & Old Chicago

(from John) Let's be frank - late night games suck. We can't meet for dinner and drinks at the Hogger, there's not much warm up and the ball is harder to track at night. We came out playing some solid defense put up a 10 spot by batting around in one inning and started to feel pretty good about ouselves. Unfortunately we left alot of people stranded could not put together many (or any) runs and let the game slip. It also doesn't help to have one of those innings where they hit well and we didn't field well. The Ligers got the best of us in the opening game.

We rebounded well against Old Chicago with some pretty solid hitting spearheaded by two dinngers by Keith (you don't have to run as hard with a pulled hammy when you put it over the fence). Old Chicago had some pretty good players and were 3-0 coming off of a win against Flagherty's and their A**hole pitcher. Funny that half their players commented on what a donk he was. The game was inspired by talk about which meds are better for the cold and flu season, how refreshing the play of the day was (water brought by Vad), and that scarecrow at 3rd. Thanks to Cale for filling in with a solid bat. Let's build on the win and continue to dominate the fall season.

Aug 31
1 & 3
Prove It & Rumpka/VFW

"It's amazing how much you don't hustle out there. It actually makes it hard to root for you"

We started the night with a leadoff homer (our first ever...probably because it's not a very strategic play) and then only put up six more runs in game one as we were easily ten-runned. Our opponents looked a big ragtag (and thuggy), but could hit the ball sharply all over the park. We tried to ease our pain with a between-game case of Mich Golden (thanks Dar!), but game two felt like it was going to follow a similar path with our opponents getting some solid rips to leadoff the first. No matter, we settled quickly, put up 10 runs in the second and cruised to a ten-run victory of our own. We then had some post game Mich Golden and discussed some new defensive strategies (i.e. running at the batter) until the lights turned off. Tough start. Good finish.

Sep 14
1 & 4
Billy's on Grand & Dysfunctional

(from Craig) All the worry around people arriving right at game time went by the wayside as the seeds managed to field a squad of 11 guys. Game one had a few positives, including a 4 for 4 Vad who was crushing the ball. However, the tone of the game was too loosey-goosey, as a couple guys were tossed out at the plate. The game ended with an odd double play pop out to the infield, and we just couldn't string anything together.

In game 2 we were a different team. The defense was rock solid and we put up nine runs in the first. We went into cruise control and had a couple long balls by Dar-Keith and the fan favorite home run out by Terry. Keith had a sensational grab at first, but with the flip flop rule in play, Vad was on the mound for the save and forgot to run to the bag. 10+run victory. Thanks to super subs Brandon, Steve and Toddy.

Sep 21
4 & 4
Ligers & Nothing But Love

Part softball game. Part baby-sitters club. Good play all-around including some hot bats that we were able to string together. Even got payback against a team that beat us in week 2. With a night like that...ribs for all!

Sep 28
3 & 3
The Big Bar & Nickels

Honestly, I don't really remember the first game that well. Seemed like the other team was solid, but we could have swung our bats a bit better. Well, at least Grant thinks the top of the order could. Second game, against a very familiar opponent, was more fun. We fell behind early, but came back to ten run them in five innings. Didn't hurt that Keith hit two dingers. We were solid in the field too. Oh, and Dar got himself a little Chuck Wagon action. Nice.

Oct 5

TOURNAMENT - We won by forfeit. The rest of the evening appears to have been rained out.

Oct 12
The Big Bar

Snowed out.

Oct 19
The Big Bar

TOURNAMENT - (from Craig) Does something smell like White Castle? Just like their burgers, things look and taste good early, but you know it is only a matter of time before trouble begins. The bats were flaming in the first inning as we used up our long balls with 2 run home runs by Dar and myself. We turned the ball over to the defense with a 4-0 lead, and squandered our early confidence with at least 3 unforced errors (4-7 after one). The night lacked punch at the plate and our opponents trickled in a few runs every inning, to eventually 10 run us in 5 innings. Not our typical fall finish, but nothing was typical with the rain/snow outs we had to end the season. Get your H1N1 vaccine, wipe down the shopping cart, and strap on your cup for next seasons softball tournament in Perham.