Tha Shitz

March 24, 2003

For a #@*%! Limited Time Only

Ever have one of those days/weeks/months when nothing seems to go right? Does the work forecast for April and May show late-night and weekend workdays? Pissed off at the world? Pretending to be annoyed at Coors Light-drinking, video games-playing friends? Have a potty mouth? Need help for road rage? Or simply find swear songs hysterical? If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, have I a special treat for you!

After months of extensive research and deliberation, I am proud to announce the upcoming release of "Tha Shitz"-an album comprised of great songs with swear words in the refrain. That's right. All of the fantabulous tunes in this album contain "explicit" language in the refrain. Tha Shitz allows you to rock out to refrains like "Shut the fuck up" (Cake), "Where's the fucking cheese?" (Ween), and "Give me my money back you bitch" (Ben Folds Five).

It is sure to become a cult classic. Tha Shitz will prove to be therapeutic and appropriate music for the car as well as the workplace. We go to press this week-Order your (free) copy now! (You think I'm kidding, but really, I'm not).

Tha Shitz*

1. nugget - cake
2. you fucked up - ween
3. p control - prince
4. run, shithead, run - mudhoney
5. it's a mother fucker - the eels
6. asshole - beck
7. fuck and run - liz phair
8. sexy m.f. - prince
9. where's the cheese - ween
10. song for the dumped - ben folds five
11. napolean - ani diFranco
12. fuck school - the replacements
13. goddam right it's a beautiful day - the eels
14. fuck tha police - nwa**

*This title and album would not be possible without the contribution, love, and support of Ryan, Adam, Stacy, Meghan, and Mark.

**Song still under review. Although a "classic," it may be a bit much for Tha Shitz.

March 27, 2003

Gotta get me some of dat! Definitely send me a copy of "Tha Shitz". I need a new road rage CD. There's nothing like a little mood music. For anyone who's ever driven in DC area...think the beltway/NOVA (northern virginia)...then you know road rage is the rage (no pun intended). Oh, one suggestion Bicster....what about the song...."Beep, beep outta of the way Bitch, outta of the way!" (If anyone knows what the title of this song and who the artist is, please let me know.)


Wynne ("winnie")
aka Wyn (a friend from one of Bickles other'll have to ask her what that means)


Mark 26, 2003

Bic, et al--

Ain't nothin' like Tha Shitz just let it roll, motherfuck shit goddamn asshole. Ain't nothin' like That Shitz, just don't quit, motherfuck you damn shithead bitch.

I would love a copy. I do have a question though. What's with the repeats by 3 different groups? I thought there was a rule about no repeats by the same group. Although I do like Ween a lot and Pussy Control and Sexy MF are both great songs. But where's Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D? If the no repeats rule is out, the no rap rule should be out too. I agree with Ryan that Fuck Tha Police is such a classic it would be travesty to not include it. "Fuck that shit cuz I ain't tha one for a punk motherfucka wit a badge and a gun to be beating on and thrown in jail, we can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell..."

Thanks for the shout out in the liner notes. I was more than happy to help use my potty mouth and love of naughty songs for good at least once.


March 25, 2003


I want one of those god-damn, mother-fuckin', father-rapin', bitch-slappin' cds. Here's a review I read about "Tha Shitz" - "two words, shit sandwich" (see the movie Spinal Tap if you don't understand this reference).


P.S. You better include "Fuck Tha Police" or I'm goin' open a can of whoop-ass on you.

If you have any comments (or I guess, want a CD), e-mail us at