Good movie? Tasty restaurant? Good place to get a deal on a milkshake? Good or bad reviews? Got any opinions... of course you do. E-mail me and we'll post it here.

Derrick, John, Bic, Keith, Heidi, Noah, and a cast of other Flick N' Friends hit a group outing to catch Transformers on opening night and loved it! Couple inconsistencies here and there, but overall, they did a great job of sending us back to our childhood cartoon days of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron. It's a fun, action-packed flick.

Johnny, I, and some others just saw the Roller Derby ( at the Roy Wilkinson Auditorium. It was ridiculously amazing and entertaining and completely surreal. Girls in crazy, funky, mini-skirt oriented outfits (some were pretty hot) skating, colliding, shoving, and yes... fighting (wrestling, punching, kicking). And, it wasn't rigged. Seriously. The track was basically a big slab of cement outlined by glorified Christmas lights. There were at least 3,000 fans (some crazy) representing all of Minnesota. The first set of fans sat on the ground 10 feet from the action and continually got slammed by gals flying out of the track. And, at halftime, the polka band from Nye's played and half the crowd danced on the track (it ended with the largest chicken dance I've ever seen!). It easily could have been a dream.

Just saw Wicked at the Orpheum and it was awesome! Definitely the best show I've seen in years! If you can... see it!

The tasting firm of Sukhum, Nielsen and Sukhum ventured into the unknown (or at least not known for the last twenty years) and tried the Pannekoeken House on Excelsior (yeah, we were surprised that they still existed as well). Granted, we hit this breakfast place for dinner... but other than some fine cinnamon glazed rolls and muffins... it sucked!. First, it smelled like old people. Second, the food was compared to McDonald's (many times a compliment from me... not this time). Not good. Finally, our waitress was the worst. She unapologetically spilled hollandaise sauce on everything and felt the need to question us on every order (are you really going to eat that?). She also continually tested us on requested condiments (Steph, can you believe it?) by not bringing what we ordered thinking we wouldn't use it. Not fun. (8/18/04)

To tame my recent road trip fever, my sister and I took an impromptu road trip to Mt. Rushmore over Memorial Day weekend. On the way, we hit kitschy hot spots such as the Mitchell Corn Palace and Wall Drug. A building plastered with corn kernels/husks and a “drug store” with a full line of tacky tourist paraphernalia – How great is that?! We also got bad in the Badlands, running around and climbing on the amazing earth/rock formations. Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorials were absolutely awe-inspiring. The magnitude of the sculptures is unbelievable...And the details! You could basically see glimmers in the Presidents’ eyes! Custer State Park was fab. Almost hit some deer and donkeys. Almost killed a prairie dog. One of us also almost got “chased” by a buffalo. Also ate at a restaurant where the menu consisted of two choices: a 6 oz. filet mignon with a quarter head of lettuce or a 9 oz. filet mignon with a half head of lettuce. Yum! Plus, the drive was SO EASY (made easier perhaps by the 90 mph driving). Forget Europe and the South Pacific. South Dakota rules!!

Yes, still procrastinating here. So I’ve been on this sushi kick lately. Not good for the budget, I tell you. No matter. First, I wouldn’t recommend Sushi Tengo. Not as creative and the rolls are good, but whatever. However, if you’re looking for some EXCELLENT sushi, consider going to Fuji-Ya. Nice ambiance…Not too hoity-toity (but perhaps just a tiniest tad) and parking isn’t a problem (it’s near Lake and Lyndale). If you’re looking for a non-roll item, try the soft shell crab or Negi Maki (or was that Maki Negi?)….Asparagus and something else rolled in thinly sliced beef of some sort--extremely tasty. As for the rolls, the Caterpillar, Dynamite, Spicy Tuna, and Long Island (So what if I’ve been there more than once recently?) are pretty darn awesome. BUT, if you want a roll that will knock your socks off (and I’m talking about ordering a second roll of it—on two different occasions—after you’ve eaten the first one)—Get the Winter roll. Two words: MY GOD!!! (Also, I hear that Origami in Downtown Mpls may be a little better than Fuji-Ya…Will investigate soon…Stay tuned.) (from Bic)

I have a yucky work report to write, so I thought I’d make the best use of my time by making Geeks contributions….Got talked into seeing Drumline and Shanghai Knights recently. Both fabulous, fun movies. The fact that they were not and would never be Oscar contenders in any lifetime is probably the best thing about them. Nothing heady, grueling, or intellectual about them—Just plain ridiculous and hilarious fun. If you appreciated Bring it On (which I did), you’ll love Drumline. I didn’t realize how intense drumming (and marching band –Hee!) could be. With Shanghai Knights, there were moments when my feminist, liberal sensitivities told me that I should probably be offended, but couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud. Two favorite lines include: “Don’t get all Chinese on me” and “What, what is she doing?...Kinky…” Ha! (from Bic)

Original Sin (starring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas) was a little disappointing, yet a little pleasantly surprising. I was expecting a weak plot with a lot of steamy sex scenes (kinda sounds like a porno, don't it?), but instead I was treated to a good storyline with one scene of decent fornication. Guys get to enjoy Ms. Jolie's top half and women get to enjoy Antonio's back half. I guess you have to give a little to get a little. All in all, pretty good. (from Kirk)

The Musketeer - don't waste your time. (more from Kirk)

National Lampoon's Van Wilder - Billed as the 'Animal House' of this generation, I was extremely disappointed. They tried putting a message in the story and had maybe one good scene of boobies. The humor was OK. There were a few times that I laughed aloud, but that was about it. Tara Reid looked good, but still sucks as an actress. Van Wilder was played by the funny dude in 'Two Guys and a Girl' - formerly a show on ABC. He was decent, but he couldn't pull this movie out of the trash. I'd say rent it once, but do not buy it. (Kirk, how about a book?)

The New Guy - Another movie that tries to deliver a message. What is with that? The plot is some skinny kid who is a big geek with geeky friends. So with the help of Eddie Griffin (who almost saved the movie), a stint in jail, and a change of high schools, he drops his geeky image (and friends) for a silent, bad ass demeanor. The chicks want him and the guys want to kick his a**. The ending is fairly predictable and, therefore, not very funny. Rent at your own risk. (yet again, from Kirk)

Monster's, Inc. - This a cleverly done movie about these monsters in Monstrapolis whose job it is to travel over to our world, via closets, and scare little kids. The screams are then collected and made into energy which Monstrapolis uses to run their city. The fun begins when a small girl comes through a closet into the monster's world. Despite being rated G, I found it funny and very well done. Buy it! (guess who? from Kirk)

I wrote it before (below), but Cirque Du Soleil (this time the show is name Alegria) was awesome. Derrick and I got free tickets from BBBS. We both agreed that the word for the night was "Wow!" All we heard from the kids was "that was the goodest show I ever seen" over and over again. It's playing in Minneapolis under a big tent near the river front. Very cool.

From Kirk. Speaking of the International Man of Mystery - we saw Austin Powers - Goldmember yesterday. It was the least funny of the three. The Goldmember character wasn't very funny. Fat Bastard was OK. Overall, nothing great. Course, as a Siskel to Kirk's Ebert, John Park says it was okay if you like way over-the-top humor.

A potpourri of movie review from Kirk. Memento was hard to follow and made you think way too much. The Score (Ed Norton, Robert DeNiro) was decent. I think that Norton is one hell of an actor. He's been good in every movie he's been in. Rat Race was weak. There's a trailer that shows Kirsten Dunst out in the cold rain (Spiderman)... not too shabby. Oh yeah, we watched her in a movie about dating a Mexican kid. Never got real steamy. She was a real spoiled, irresponsible, and rich high school chick. He was a hard working kid who rode the bus two hours one way to attend her better school. Got kinda boring. Basically, she screws up everything he has been working so hard to achieve. Crazy Beautiful was the name of it, just remembered. A while back we saw Black Hawk Down. Lot of blood, guts, and fast moving cameras. Like a present day version of the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. It sucks that it is based on a true story. We really screwed the pooch on that one. My last recommendation is for the dramatic-action-romantic-comedy-thriller D's Porn Chest. Good for all ages.

As we all know, I'm not a complicated person, so that may have helped (seeing it with a 13 year-old may have helped too), but I loved Spiderman. I got into the geeky teen turned hero (huh, wonder why?) and was a big Green Goblin fan (just ask Julie). Really made me want to go and climb a wall... I probably know better. Plus, if my opinion doesn't mean squat, Derrick thought it kicked as well... and that should be good enough for any of you.

I wouldn't say this if it had any less than 10,000 hits, but that Geeks on the Web website is something swank!

Love Cruise - This show is addicting, watching a bunch of hormone raging passengers fish for compliments from the opposite sex and at the same time align themselves in a positive manor with the same sex. Look out because tempers are going to flare. Kirk you belong on this show. (Craig)

If you're looking for one of the most fun and hilarious movies of recent cinematic creation, I've got one for you: Pootie Tang (PG 13). Yes, Pootie Tang. A movie version of a skit from the Chris Rock Show, Pootie Tang is a super-hero type of movie where the protagonist, Pootie Tang, is a rock star, babe-magnet, evil-fighting all-star. The humor is similar to that of Martin Lawrence movies (although less forced), and FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY. If you want to see it, I'll watch it again and again whenever, wherever, with whomever (with the exception of weird killer types, of course). This is a pretty big endorsement, since I can't/won't watch other movies more than once. For a taste of the treat that is Pootie Tang, here's my favorite line from the movie (from Biggie Shorty): "Just 'cause a girl likes to dress fancy and stand on the street corner next to some ho's doesn't mean she's hookin'." (Bic)

Defending the Caveman was a hilarious look at the differences between men and women. This one-person play was written, produced, and acted by Rob Becker (he even kind of looks like a caveman). His overall theme is that men are hunters and women are gatherers. And, actually, this theory fits for a lot of circumstances from the beginning of time until now. For instance, he pointed out that men have the "spears" and women have "baskets". I'm not sure if it is still playing, but if you get a chance, go to it with your significant other. You probably thought you have heard of all the jokes about why men and women act like they do, but I guarantee you haven't heard as good as ones as these. Plus, they actually make some sense! (Kirk, Staff Opionist - in training)

I thoroughly enjoyed Unbreakable. It stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. It involves action, mystery, and drama (some humor too). Bruce Willis' character, for some reason, cannot be physically hurt...or so it seems. Samuel L. Jackson's character, on the otherhand, is always hurt. This whole scenario plays out until we kind of understand why these two are that way. It is a definite renter...go get it today. (Kirk)

Joe Dirt was better than I thought it would be. David Spade plays Mr. Dirt, who is in his early 30's, but never quite got out of the 1970's. His quest is to find his parents. On his quest he meets many interesting people, including a well sculpted blonde. Nice! The storyline is actually decent and the characters are pretty funny. See it now! (Kirk)

Sling Blade was a way different movie than I thought it would be. I was expecting a slashing, horror flick. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with a movie about a mentally challenged man who is trying to fit back in to the "real world" after being locked up in the looney bin for many years. Billy Bob Thorton does an excellent job as Carl, the main character. Now Billy Bob has two things to be proud of. This one is more than a renter. I suggest buying it. Definitely a classic. (Kirk)

American Pie 2 was, to put it bluntly, weak. The whole premise of the movie was poor and the jokes were predictable. The use of the f-word and some nudity (with hints of lesbianism) did help it's appeal, but it was unable to keep it from generally sucking. As most of you know, I am easily entertained, but this did not do it for me. Frankly, I think they just tried too hard. It is a "renter" at best. (Kirk)

O Brother, Where Art Thou? was a great movie. This may have been George Clooney's best work since...well ever. It is a humorous 1920's spin of The Odyssey (you know Cyclops, the Sirens, etc). It didn't even contain swear words or nudity and I still liked it! You'll find yourself rooting for the 3 main characters (prison escapees) as they run into numerous obstacles on their way back home. It is a "must see". (Kirk)

We (Mark & Michelle) rented Snatch last weekend. First, Kirk, it's not what you think so don't bother, you'll be terribly disappointed. Second, everyone else, don't bother, it 'aint very good. Brad Pitt is fun to watch as the bare-knuckle boxer that no one can understand, but that's about it. You get about a dozen characters thrown at you and the story jumps around like "Pulp Fiction" but it isn't as clever. To sum up: Michelle fell asleep within 20 minutes, so if you do rent it, be well rested.

Michelle and I (Mark) saw Rush Hour 2 last weekend. It was funny. There are just a few serious scenes where they actually act, which gets a little uncomfortable, but the action and Tucker's screeching comedy are great. Lots of good one-liners about bitch-slapping people back to their countries of origin.

Saw Eight Days a Week on HBO the other night. It's about a high school kid who spends the whole summer outside the window of his dream girl in hopes of winning her over (wonder why I'm sympathetic?) and what he sees in the neighborhood. I thought it was pretty funny. Does he get the girl? Take a look-see and find out.

"Are we on COPS?" Maybe not the most PC movie in the world, but the Sukhum kids (and Billy... basically an adopted Sukhum kid) had some good belly-laughs watching Drop Dead Gorgeous. Rent it if you get the chance (yes, I'm talking to you, D).

Need a cheap DJ who's going to get people dancing DJ? I stongly recommend my buddy Kirk. He will make your party!

When Craig Schlichting talks, people listen... and I guess Craig was in a mood to talk. Here's his opinions:
- Good Movie.... The Man Who Knew to Little
- Tasty Restaurant... Sawatdee
- Milkshake... Annie's Parlor (Dinkeytown)
- Review... The grounds crew at The Schlichtings is top notch highlighted by a group of friends who helped seed
- Opinion... Suki is one of the best looking redheaded Asians I know

We saw Tomcats last night. It had it's moments. The only nudity is in the about disappointment (Kirk - who else?).

Colonel Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick (do people really kill each other with candlesticks?). No matter, I just bought the board game Clue. As much fun as ever (if it was ever fun for you).

Prior to illegally buying each other booze, Pam, Billy and Pat rented Office Space. If you've ever worked in a "cube" environment (and for any work people reading this... I love it)... it's perfect. This one's good for a laugh or two.

Justin, JP and Pat recommend the Target Snack Bar (particularly the one on Highway 7) for all your fine dining desires (for particulars, we found the White Cherry Icees, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Fingers, Fries, Pepperoni Pizza, Nachos, Burgers, Hot Ham & Cheese and Chedderwurst to be quite tasty. Also, Hadler commented that the Coca-Cola Classic was the best he's ever had).

Derrick and I (Pat) saw Remember the Titans. It was great! Granted, we like football, but it was a lot more than that. I would strongly recommend, even to you mushy girly-types.

I (Pat) went to see Cirque Du Soleil - Drallion with the fam. It was amazing (and that's an understatement). I can't remember when I said "Wow!" more.

It's unanimous, X-men is fun for all ages (well, ages 10-26). Derrick and his friend Chris both agreed that is was thick (that's good (I had to ask)). Shelly, Jeff and Pat also thought it was pretty fun (even if you're not a comic book reader... like me)... think you do need to enjoy that action-superhero stuff though.

Oh baby, if you missed the last show by the Lentils at the Bryant Lake Bowl (and judging by the crowd, you did), you missed a heck of a good time. All those in attendance agreed it was their best yet. Catch them soon before they head our West to the late night talk show seen and never speak to us again.

Derrick, Stacy & Pat ventured on to Power Tower at ValleyFair. Upon exiting, all three agreed that they would never try it again (course, 20 minutes later the two little ones were up for another ride (Pat did not bend on his earlier decision not to go again))

Ian and Adrienne were smitten with Grand Marais as a relaxing weekend getaway

Damian & Lisa give Gladiator two thumbs up. Very good indeed.

Bill Nielsen, in reference to Big Momma's House yells "Martin Lawrence cracks me up, so I thought it was pretty funny. The story-line held together and was better than I expected. If you love Martin, you should see it in the theaters. If you just like him, rent it. If you don't like him, you will not enjoy the movie."

Anja Brunet raves "Rocco and I went to see East is East last night. Really liked it. It has the perfect mixture of hilarious moments and eye-opening, touchy-feely moments. I highly recommend it. It's playing at the Lagoon."

Ian, Adrienne, and Pat, saw Road Trip. Although quite un-PC (Carleton taught us well) and a bit embarrassing to admit... it wasn't too bad. Little off at parts, but some good laugh out loud moments (a good movie for Kirk).

Kirk Kosel says " I tried to conquer the Lumberjack, which is a huge-ass piece of prime rib at the Timberlodge. I lost. It even had tons of good fat on it, but I was unable to stomach it all. It was a sad day for the Kosel heritage. I'm sticking with the Blue Ox (20 oz porterhouse). It has to be the best cut out there."

Ian Gilby gives Being John Malcovich two thumbs up.

Saw A Midsummer Nights Dream at the Fitzgerald... hilarious. Check it out if you get the chance (Pat).

Mark Deibert says "if you ever need cough drops, get Ricola Natural Herb. Like the package says, they are soothing and refreshing. Now with Angelica Root, Hyssop and Horehound!"

Although a bit outrageous at times, when asked about Mission Impossible 2, Derrick simply stated "that was good." Mom Sukhum also pointed out that the scenery was beautiful.

Pam Sukhum suggests the Uptown Diner for omelets with everything in it (imagine three different types of pork in one bite....oink!). Strangely, they refer to it as the Everything Omelet. Bill Nielsen has, of late, become a most-voracious fan of this gastro-intestinal undertaking. If you are up for the challenge, I highly recommend this dish (with a side of chocolate milkshake, thank you).

Kirk, Sean, Jeff, & Pat recommend Eye of the Tiger (with sound effects) by Survivor as a top road-tripping song.