Our day at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hilarious! Energizing! Ridiculously fun! - Friday, September 5

Waiting to Get In!

Getting in!

Stealing a photo (no cameras allowed)!

Just one more!

Mayor Rybak took this photo!

Yeah, that's the mayor!

The Daily Show with John Stewart was in town for the RNC. They were taping at the History Theater in St. Paul. Well, Katie staked out tickets months ago (Yea Katie!).

When you arrive in the studio, they get you all lathered up cheering and hollering with a warm-up comedian. By the time Jon Stewart comes out, you can't stop screeming and you don't even know why. It's awesome! Then Jon Stewart comes out before the show to take questions. People asked kind of typical, butt-kissing type stuff (who's your favorite political pundit? what's the role of satire in the election? blah, blah, blah). Well, Johnny had planted both Katie and I with a great question. Jon Stewart asked to take one last question and the three of us waived frantically. He called on our group and Katie jumped up.

"We have a pretty great State Fair here in Minnesota that's known for putting all sorts of foods on a stick. What food would you put on a stick?"

The audience erupted! They loved the question. Jon Stewart had no idea what we were talking about, but played along with a few jokes. Yes, we were brimming. Then, Jon Stewart started the show with "This is our final day in... Minnesota... where everything tastes better on a stick" (see below... it on their website!). Again, the crowd went crazy and the three of us were ecstatic! I'm still riding the wave.

The show was 30 minutes. Start to finish. No retakes. Hilarious. We loved every second of it. We were so wired, we even asked Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak to take our photo outside the theater afterwards (and, we said he could join us in a photo too). Yes indeed, it was a fantastic day at The Daily Show!