This is still kind of a new technology to the Geeks staff, but hopefully you can still grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Good luck!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Interview - Local Version of CNN Headline News - February-March 2006 (approximately 5 minutes) - YouTube

Comcast Newsmakers - I taped the interview in late January. It has been running randomly for the last month during the day as a local piece spliced into CNN Headline News. I blame my stuttering (ummm) and lack of actually answering the interviewers questions on the fact that she told me it would be a straight five minutes right before the cameras turned on. I thought it was going to be edited. Gulp!

Big Brothers Big Sisters on WCCO - April 26, 2004 (approximately 2 minutes 15 seconds) - YouTube

BBBS of the Greater Twin Cities Area - We got invited to do a little volunteer raising sement on the WCCO 6:00 news. Pretty exciting for a couple of small timers like us. Really though, who's the Big and who's the Little?

Starring: Derrick, Pat and others who are far less important to the story

Freshman Fools - Carleton College (4th Davis) - January 1993 (approximately 2 minutes 30 seconds) - YouTube

First-Year Students - A birthday gift that expanded. Clips provide a glimpse into the lives of this clueless group of college coeds. Who are these guys?

Starring: Carl, Ian, Bic, Jon, Leah

Nice Guys Finish Last? - Sartell High School (approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds) - YouTube

Class of '92 - Some very random clips from a few different sources showing our glorious teen years

Watership Downs - Crazy English project. Is that Craig without a goatee? Might never see it again (1991)
Captain Stud - A speech class project gone overboard. Starring Rynell, Dale, Zach and a cameo by Noah (1990)
8th Grade Introductions - Dug-up this old tape. Wish I had everyone, but only found Kirk, Dave, Salty and Pat. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the missing tape? (1987 (as you'll see, the year the Twin's took the title))

"NSYNC" DANCE (Out of Sync?) - Michelle & Mark's Wedding - January 6, 2001 (each approximately 1 minutes 30 seconds) - YouTube

NSYNC 1 - The original. Nationwide tour begins next month - YouTube
NSYNC 2 - The same as the first, just from another camera - YouTube
NSYNC 3 - We tried it again later that night (post a few drinks, and no sleeves) - YouTube

Just to be clear, from left to right: Eric, Pat, Craig, Jeff, Bob

BUTTERCUP - Steph & Craig's Wedding - October 2, 1999 (approximately 3 minutes) - YouTube

BUTTERCUP - Why do you build me up?

A few spatulas, a wooden cow, the purple pie man, a tipsy softball team, an appearance by M.J. and a whole bunch of Steph and Craig's family and friends